Baptisms for 2017

Posted on May 26, 2017 in: General News

Let us welcome all the children into our Catholic Faith as they get baptized throughout the year.

Weston James Streich  parents  Ryan & Melissa Streich

Tanner Luther Martin  parents Gary Luther & Monica Swenson

Grant Randall Reszel  parents Randall & Kristine Reszel

Rory David Folk  parents Jesse & Kelly Folk

Ian Guadalupe Rodriguez parents Jose Rodriguez & Velen Zepeda

Izieli Ramona Rodriguez  parents Jose Rodriguez & Velen Zepeda

Nicholas Daniel Walsh  parents Tom & Raquel Walsh

Callen Ron Landgren  parents Travis & Rita Landgren

Braylon Robert Rademacher  parents Mickey & Emily Rademacher

Bronson Michael Rademacher  parents Mickey & Emily Rademacher

Everly Larae Haas  parents Seth & Tara Haas


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