St. Joseph's Church

We, the people of far western Minnesota, bordered by the great Minnesota River, are God loving, Jesus seeking, Spirit filled people. We are people engrossed with farming receiving the bounty God offers us year after year. We are strong families centered on the Holy Eucharist serving others with what God has given us.

Mass Times

Friday 8:30 am

1st & 3rd Saturday 7:30 pm


To trace the history of St. Joseph's Church in Rosen is to record the sacrifices of the unselfish, hardworking pioneers. Rosen has no post office, railroad, spectacular scenery, great rivers, but it does have an abundance of good farming land.

In 1885, a frame church (40 x 24) was built to stand east and west where the present church now stands.

We pay special tribute to Father Peter Rosen, who came to St. Joseph's in 1895. It was during his pastorate that the church was incorporated and the village was given the name of Rosen.  Fr. Rosen suggested to the elderly people of the parish to form a village by building homes and stores around the church to live when they retired from farming.

A church, rectory and cemetery were built in 1896. In 1907, the old church building was moved. A new 100' by 40' structure, with a tower of 106' high was built in its place at a cost of $20,000.

St. Joseph's School was built in 1927 at the cost of $18,200. In the spring of 1979 the last class was held in the Rosen School.

A recent addition to the facade of St. Joseph Church was a grotto of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The three granite leaf monument was donated by Rose Karels, in memory of the Rosen Pioneers.

Many people played a vital role in shaping members of St. Joseph. Through hardships and sacrifice, the Catholic faith has been passed on. Our history continues to define who we are.