Mass Intentions

Posted on November 16, 2017 in: General News

Mass intentions refer to the particular purpose for which a specific Mass is offered. This may be to honor God or thank God. Technically a Mass intention means that the sacrifice is offered for some person(s) living or dead. A priest may offer the Mass for several intentions. Mass stipends are a way of praying for the salvation of a lost one, growing in our faith as we ask God's blessings for a special event in life. Mass stipends are a matter of heart and soul when we want that extra prayer. To have a Mass offered for a deceased loved one is a beautiful act of love. To pray for their soul and that they are at peace is what we are all called to do.
The suggested offering for each mass stipend is $10.00. When requesting a mass please specify; what date you prefer, the church it is to be offered at, and for who or what you want the intention. Please drop off your information at the parish office or in the collection basket at Mass. Please submit your intention at least 3 months in advance as dates fill up fast. Also each weekend we need to have one Mass offered for the People of our AFC. Thank You.

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