Spirit of Life AFC 2021 Advent Revival and Mission!

Brent Hieser and Bill Wagner will be joining us for our Advent mission. Brent and Bill were with us a few years ago to share their faith stories and commitment to Jesus with us.

The Advent Mission begins with the Parish Revival on December 4th and 5th. Bill & Brent will be at mass to introduce the Mission and give us a taste of what we will experience that week.

The schedule for the Revival is-
5:30 pm Saturday night mass in Madison
8:00 am Sunday morning mass in Graceville
10:00 am Sunday morning mass in Rosen and Ortonville.
11:00 am free will donation lunch, meat, potatoes, vegetables in the Ortonville church basement, the proceeds will be given to the AFC Youth Group to attend the Steubenville/Rochester youth gathering in August of 2022.
Noon- Opening prayer in the church and then the presenters will take the lead and share with us their insights to Catholic living, with the help of Saint Joseph!

(Saint Nicolas is scheduled to visit us around noon. He will tell us the story of his life, and how he is considered the saint of Christmas time!)

There will be 4 presentations going at the same time. Brent will be sharing with the teenage and younger men, while Bill will be sharing with the middle aged and senior aged men.

Samantha Johnson and Katie Johnson will be leading the group of teenage and younger women, while Jess and Stacy Johnson will be sharing with the middle aged and golden aged women.

2:00 pm Adoration of the Blessed Eucharist with the sacrament of reconciliation available.

Please join us for all or any of this special day of our AFC Catholic Revival!

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